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Instrument Services

Quality GC, GCMS and LC Maintenance, Repair and Calibration

On-site Services Available

Preventative Maintenance

In order to keep your instrumentation running 24/7/365, Preventative Maintenance must be performed. Ultimately, your workload and sample matrices will determine the frequency and items that must be addressed periodically. Contact us for a recommended PM checklist based on your situation and equipment.


Depending upon the regulatory structure that your laboratory is operating within, annual or semi-annual calibration of the physical set points on your equipment may be required. Set points are checked with calibrated meters and pre- and post-calibration readings are recorded and included in the completed site documentation.

Ongoing Qualification-Performance Qualifications (OQPQs)

For those clients operating in strict regulatory settings, a more detailed and documented evaluation of your instrumentation may be required. OQPQs include not only Calibration of the equipment but also analysis of a variety of standards to demonstrate the performance of the instrument as well.


Repairing your instrument has never been easier. Component level repairs can be quickly diagnosed and resolved. If you simply need assistance in troubleshooting the exact problem, call for technical support today!

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